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Gâteau Magique (Magic Cake)

Hachis Parmentier

For a few years, a craze has been born around the “magic cake”. But the original recipe is a traditional dessert of the Southwest of France: the "millasson" or "millas". This old dessert was prepared with millet flour and then with corn flour.

With only one dough, three layers are obtained in the same cake!

Ingredients (Serve 8)

- 500ml milk

- 150g white/caster sugar

- 6 eggs

- 125g melted butter

- 2 vanilla beans

- 110g flour

- 1 tablespoon water

- 1 pinch of salt


- Preheat the oven to 150 ° C

- Cut the vanilla bean in half to extract the seeds

- Boil the milk with the vanilla.

- Let infuse 30 minutes to one hour.

- Whisk yolks, sugar and a tablespoon of water

- Add the butter, flour, salt to the yolks/sugar then the milk

- Beat the egg whites until soft peaks forms

- Incorporate the egg whites into the mixture, leaving lumps

- Place in a 24cm pan and smooth with a spatula

- Cook for 50 minutes

- Leave to rest between 4 and 24 hours.

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