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What We’re All About

Winemakers since 1610, my family in law has maintained an ongoing commitment to the vine and the wine.


Through these four centuries, external forces have caused many changes in viticulture practices.  The Phylloxera insect invasion in 1890, the arrival of mechanisation, wars and severe economic downturns are a few examples. While many winegrowers succumbed to those difficult times, our family's profound respect for tradition, and a deep commitment to the craft, sustained Fallet-Dart through the generations – “for the best times and the worst”, "pour le meilleur et pour le pire."


We owe much to our ancestors - among them, Louis Fallet, who to the family's satisfaction obtained two awards in 1920 for the elegance of his wines, and for his dedication to our vineyards.  This connection between our family and this land is at the heart of our quality.


We must surely credit our meticulous attention to detail, but we must also credit this exceptional terroir, "Les Clos du Mont."  Famed for its soil and ideal location, Les Clos du Mont was once the property of the Diocese of Soissons in the 8th century and, undoubtedly, the reason that their first church was built in the diocese in the year 790.


Our Champagne have won awards in Europe, Singapore and Hong Kong. We have just been commended and rewarded by Decanter world wine Awards 2017 (Silver Medal for the Champagne "Les Clos du Mont). We also have a recommendation from Decanter to visit the house of Fallet-Dart.

In 2018, we won three gold and one bronze medals at the New Zealand International Wine show.

Garance is the first child of the next winemakers generation.  She was born in 2014 and is my goddaughter ;-)

Garance Limited is not selling Champagne in New Zealand anymore but you can still contact the vineyard in France.

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